Value Of Acceptance Essay

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Acceptance, an important value in our society today, can be hard to find and gain from others and even more so from ourselves. It’s something almost everyone struggles with at least once in their life. I can remember sitting in gym class when teams were being picked praying, as hard as any second grader could, that I wouldn’t be picked last. Even back then, at seven years old, I wanted nothing more than acceptance and that continuous desire for it has followed me, even now. I’ve never been the most popular girl in school. I’ve never been the girl with everything together or that has all the friends and everyone looks up to. I’ve wanted it for sure, but one thing always held me back, acceptance, or rather the fear of not being accepted, of not being adequate or good enough to fit in. From a young age, making friends has always been a struggle in my life. Starting first grade, at …show more content…
If I ever saw someone struggling I helped them. If there was ever anything I could do to make someone else’s life easier or their day better or just make them feel appreciated I did it. I tried to make them feel loved and accepted. I tried to give them what I felt I lacked. The pain of feeling alone and unaccepted was something I never wanted anyone else to have to experience. Waking up everyday feeling like you’re worthless, crying yourself to sleep because you’re insignificant, no one should ever feel that way. Even though I couldn’t accept myself I always did my best to accept others. When it comes to acceptance, you are your own worst enemy. Getting over my judgment of myself is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do. It is a daily struggle and continuous war that may never end, but everyday I fight is a battle I win. Every time I stand up to that voice in my head shooting me down brings me one step closer to being able to fully accept myself and everyone I come

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