Importance Of A Culturally Responsive Teacher

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As a teacher candidate it is extremely important for me to make sure I am culturally aware in the classroom. It is my job to make ensure every student feels important and powerful so they can grow their knowledge and learn. I will be taking what I have learned so far in Fredonia and EDU-305 into my future classroom and create respectful environment that every student will enjoy.
I believe a culturally responsive teacher needs to hold high expectations for all children. All children have the power and knowledge to learn so it is important that we find ways to maximize each child’s growth and run with it. As a teacher I will make sure all the children are getting the same opportunities. For example, we need to make sure we are calling on
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Blette’s Pre-K the classroom, there is a group of cubbies for each child to put their backpacks and belongings in. Each one is labeled with a child’s name on it and the children have gotten into the routine of putting their coats and backpacks away and then signing in on the smart board. There are two round tables in the back of the classroom as well as two moon shaped tables on the sides. Once the children are signed in they go to one of the round tables to play with the morning activities such as blocks, or shapes. All most all of the children are able to put their backpacks away, sign in and begin the morning activity on their own with very little guidance by the teacher. The problem I have noticed with this morning routine is that three children that eat breakfast always want to play with the morning activity and they miss out on the morning activity every day. The children know when the announcements play they need to stand up for the pledge. After the pledge is finished the children also know it is time to clean up and sit on the rug. They are also able to do these two things with usually just one reminder to start cleaning up. In the front of the classroom, there is a large rectangular rug facing a SMARTboard to sit on where the students will do most of their learning, this is where the students sit after clean up. Overall, Mrs. Blette’s pre-K class is a warm and friendly environment that will enhance students learning. The students have done a great job adapting to the morning routine and I was surprised how quickly they learned it especially with them being only three and four years

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