Importance And Importance Of Human Rights Indonesia

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Human rights are known to be the fundamental rights that belong to all people equally, universally and forever. As we all know, man is sociable creatures that loves staying together and lives in a group in the society. As an individual, every man have a right to live in decent life. While, as a social being and an inseparable part of the society, every person has the other rights like the right to freedom of speech, expression, thought, belief and faith and right to move freely. One cannot call a society a good and a just society until all its citizens enjoy these human rights. Thus, human rights are essential for the development of the human personality in society as well as the society itself.
There have been different ideas on human rights
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In 2003, the establishment of the Constitutional court as a first and final court had been established with the authority to determine the constitutionality of Indonesia’s law. The impact and importance of human rights are so deep and strong that the constitutions of Indonesia, incorporated many of the provisions of rights codified in the said Declaration in their respective …show more content…
This means that the right of man to life must be protected which in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).
In Article 28B, the Constitution mentioned about the right of a person to found a family, right to marry as well as the managing for the rights of children.
1. Every person shall have the right to establish a family and to procreate based upon lawful marriage.
2. Every child shall have the right to live, to grow and to develop, and shall have the right to protection from violence and discrimination.
Article 28C of the Constitution underscore the importance on the rights to self-development, education, and benefit from science as well as the rights of every person in groups to build community, nation and country.
1. Every person shall have the right to develop him/herself through the fulfilment of his/her basic needs, the right to get education and to benefit from science and technology, arts and culture, for the purpose of improving the quality of his/her life and for the welfare of the human race.
2. Every person shall have the right to improve him/herself through collective struggle for his/her rights to develop his/her society, nation and

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