Implications Of The CB Of Twitter (The Cybersmile Foundation)

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Gordon 13 most irrelevant (The Cybersmile Foundation). The second highest rate of CB occurs on
Twitter, nonetheless it is seen as the most desirable/relevant social media platform (Ibid.). Certain social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, are heterogeneous; Instagram and Tumblr are homogenous meaning users are more likely to be in contact with those of similar values/ethics. The aesthetics of Facebook, for instance, materializes in the symbolic imagery narrating one’s life—this is the point where CB assaults the discourse behind CV individual values as a direct target of their objective aggression. Precisely, TB may be indirect as it conforms to the relativism of power. CB directly pinpoints relation in CV semantics. CV are more aptly
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Traditional and cyberbullying victimization affect “different dimensions of self-perception” (Mishna et al., 125). Twitter requires tactile relation configured by rhetorical language constructing one’s private constitutions; opposite Facebook’s textile processes of orienting imagery in performatively coding one’s personal life. CB of Facebook is harder to defend/assert one’s appearance when it forces a person to (falsely) redefine their self-image (ideal-ego). CB on Twitter, in juxtaposition, allows self-image to refine itself (ego-ideal). If users feel more comfortable on Twitter (despite having the second-highest CV rate) it is within reason that the dynamic knowing someone through visual expression versus verbal expression. CV’s may adopt Twitter as a means of representing distinction outside the distinguishing conformity circulating with Facebook’s appropriated imagery of heterogeneity. This is not to say the technical components of Twitter is deterministic of user interaction, nor solely technocultural influencing its operation. They are mutually constitutive:
"I 've been bullied on Twitter, by two people in the last couple weeks. I 've told them to stop and to leave me alone, but they keep at it. After I told them to stop and leave me alone, I stopped communication with them but they still kept tweeting me. I feel like I

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