Pressure Ulcers: A Literature Review

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Pressure ulcers (PUs) are not new phenomena; indeed, it is a worldwide health issues for parents and it increases costs to the healthcare system (Harding, 2008). Eckman et al (2008) defined pressure ulcers as a localised area of cellular necrosis due to an adequate circulation of blood flow, pressure or pressure in combination with friction over the bony prominence. If pressure is relieved every couple of hours it will recommence the blood flow, oxygen and nutrition to the area, hyperaemia will disappear and skin will regain a normal healthy state. Otherwise, PU will develop (Craft et al., 2014; Bergstrom et al., 2013).

Despite advances in modern medicine, the existence of PU evidence-based guidelines (National Guideline Clearinghouse,
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The four articles selected were published from 2009 to 2016 within search terms such as “pressure ulcers”, “prevention”, “nursing care”, “prevalence”, “patients”, “nursing practice”. The articles for the literature review had two quantitative, one qualitative and one mixed …show more content…
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