Implementing Change Within An Organization Essay

1050 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
When implementing change within an organization, they have to be able to measure the change in a direct and indirect manner. The executives have to easily be able to communicate the importance of the modification both inside the company and outside. It is paramount that the organization influence the changes immediately and more efficiently. When these factors are neglected, then the organization’s change and implementation programs will fail to get off the ground. One mistake that companies make when they are implementing change is worrying about how long the change will take to complete the implementation.
The mistake is made because the companies fear that if it takes to long, then it will fail, however, the longer the project is and the more it is reviewed it is more likely to succeed. Transformations throughout the company should be examined at least twice a month. During the duration of the implementation, milestones should be scheduled and assessed by executives to identify gaps and new risks that have risen. The company also has to have performance integrity which is the extent that the organization relies on teams of managers, supervisors, and staff to accomplish change projects effectively. The success of the reform implementation depends on the quality of teams because the organization has to free up their best employees. In 1994 one of the large Australian banks was restructuring the operations in its back office. The senior executives all agreed on the…

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