Implementing A User Interface For Colorblind Users Essay

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As we have discussed many models that are used for overcoming color vision deficiency. This sections gives the main challenges in making a user interface for colorblind users are:
1. Frequency of calibration
All the models of color differentiation depends on an in-situ calibration. Moreover, this calibration is short [] and whenever the environment is changes user are not able to perform new calibration. These can be overcome by storing the calibration for future use and expanding the applicability of a calibration.
By storing the calibration, it can be retrieved when similar condition arises. By expanding, the calibration will allow the system to extend the current calibration when condition changes, rather than requiring a new calibration.

2. Preserving naturalness
Recoloring tools attempts to maximize the resemblance between the original image/text and the recolored image. Until now, it is achieved by restricting the luminance of the replacement color and by maintaining the difference between the main color and the replacement color. However, by this method total naturalness is not preserved. Moreover, all the recoloring tools are na├»ve in providing naturalness. This can be preserved by joining luminance and visually-perceived difference consistency. To apply this approach, set of replacement color should be divided into a key color generated. Multiple recolor mapping can be generated, which can preserve the naturalness of…

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