Implementation Of A Database Management System Essay example

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A database is defined as a system comprised of a collection of data, as well as a description of the data (McCreath, 2002). Additionally, a database is one or more large structured tables of data (Beaumont, 2000). The tables are comprised of records, which are made of up of fields (Beaumont, 2000). The article (2000) states that the object the table represents plays a part in determining the fields, however the fields are subject to a process referred to as normalization to ensure they should be included in the table, or if they would be better included in another table. Normalization is an important process that ensures a database can function (Beaumont, 2000). A Database Management System, or DBMS, is used to maintain and organize the database (McCreath, 2002). According to the article by Beaumont, in general, DBMSs have the following standard features: Meta data, actions, queries, reporting, views, forms, and programming language (Beaumont, 2000). In addition to DBMS storing the actual data one enters, it also stores details about the data and the structure in which it’s kept (Beaumont, 2000). Meta data is additional information in which the DBMS knows how many tables, and records are included in the database, as well as what data type each field is (Beaumont, 2000). In the actions feature, users can create, read, update or delete tables, records, or fields (Beaumont, 2000). This process is referred to as CRUD, which is useful when considering what actions or access…

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