Trade Union: Impact On Australia's Economy

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Impact of trade union on economy

Trade union had a great impact on Australian economy. Earlier the target of industries and their worker was production to fulfill the demands of their customer but later it shifted from production to servicing the customers. Trade unions negotiate with the firm regarding the wages and benefits given to the members of the union. To have these benefits by union and firm people have to become a member of union. Various unions were made according to the profession of worker like different union for electrician, for musician, for doctors, for engineers etc. every union always tries to increase the wages and demand of their workers in the market and make their workers economically much more efficient.

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Trade union makes the choice limited for the industries. Sometimes a worker with less skill or potential gets work in place of skilled worker. Trade union makes the choices limited because of which free enterprise has to suffer. Labor union also restricts free competition by limiting the opportunities and potential. It also supports favoritism as it only helps their member regarding job and wages. It does not support non union workers. Members who are the members enjoy higher wages, other benefits regarding health and protection of their rights. Non union member have to work themselves on contract base which is considered as third party in Australia. Traditionally artists enjoy higher wages but because of being a part of union their wages are also limited. Industries are also facing problems because of these trade unions they limits the choice of workers. It becomes hard to choose from a very limited choice. Because of these negative points density of union decreased. People preferred to work freely and get wages as per their need and work. Labor cost and wages were fixed in union therefore some unskilled workers were getting more wages and skilled workers were getting less wages according to work. This give rise to inequality among the members of union. Even in society inequality took place due to this unionism. It give a very limited opportunities to the workers. Due to which basic needs were fulfilled but no major …show more content…
Female worker also not shown any interest towards union membership. Casual and part time workers were used more than full time workers. Basically union was made to protect their members during the time of recession and inflation or financial crisis.

Scope in the union is very less for a worker because of the limited work and wages. Private sector provides high wages to their employees and security to some extent. Less scope, low wages, limited progress made the union less popular in Australia. The union should work with new strategies and new idea and plans to improve the situation of its members and to attar the new generation towards the union. They should also work for the upliftment of women workers and low working class. It should provide better opportunities to the workers so that they improve their standard of living. Everybody wants a safe and secure future for themselves and for their families, union should make the workers aware of their rights and

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