Essay about Impact Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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Sydnie Holder 3.9.16
Mr. Modica Early American History
Impacts of the Transcontinental Railroad
Since the dawn of time man has strived to be on the move, exploring the unknown and seeking news ways of getting from one point to another. The innovation of transportation gave people the gift of exploration and traveling to places they have never been able to go before. During the early 1800s the main modes of travel were wagons, horses or on-foot, causing travel to be difficult and sluggish. This drove people to discover a more efficient way of travel, which resulted in the creation of trains. Due to this invention people were able to travel farther and at faster paces. The efficiency of trains made travel by rail highly popular in the United States. The need to be connected influenced the creation of a rail system to connect the western frontier with the east coast. In the mid-1800s The Transcontinental Railroad dramatically improved daily lives of Americans while exploiting the lives of the Chinese workers.
The Transcontinental Railroad was only an idea in Dr. Hartwell Carver’s mind until Asa Whitney and Theodore Judah continuously worked towards creating the Railroad. As a result of Congress giving grants to railway companies, Carver, Whitney, and Judah were able to make plans for the Transcontinental Railroad. There were hundreds of train tracks connecting and intersecting the Northern and Southern United States, however there was no easy way to travel to…

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