The Influence Of Printing Press

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The Invention of the Printing Press and its Impacts

The invention of printing left a significant and influential impact in Europe in the 1400s and an even more impact on society today. Before the printing press, people had to write books by hand. That would soon change, when one man named Johannes Gutenberg would change the world of printing. Johannes Gutenberg of Mainz, was a goldsmith and businessman and later an inventor that made life much easier by creating an improved way of writing around 1445 and 1450. He created a printing machine that used moveable type. It was this machine that revolutionized printing over the centuries. Gutenberg later composed a 42-line bible, which consisted of 42 lines per page, in 1456 and is known as the
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The printing press had a great influence on the growth and expansion of jobs for Europeans during this time, which later lead to the population growth of towns. The invention of the printing press provided citizens with jobs in the printing industry. With increased demands for books, now that lower class people could afford them, books created a large industry for Europe and soon the whole world. Stores were now selling and buying books making them available to everyone. Now with more people having jobs, more people were moving to those towns to get them a job in the printing industry. The high demand of printing industry jobs increased the growth of cities. Since the printing industry began, so did other industries, which included the newspaper industry. The printing industry was now booming because of the newspaper industry. Newspapers came out every day and consisted of useful news and information and the printing press played an important role in printing numerous newspapers every day. Since newspapers were at high demand, that meant that workers would have to work extra harder to the point where they had to hire more people. Newspapers now created jobs for journalists and writers to publish their stories, which also continues in society …show more content…
More people were reading. More people were becoming educated. More people were getting jobs. All of this contributed to a more literate, educated society. Everyone had more knowledge of a wide range of subjects which led to new arts, such as poetry and writing books, making new things and their beliefs. All because of one printing machine, people’s intellectual thought were intensifying and forming a smarter culture. The printing press would give people knowledge that would soon be passed on to later generation, which would modernize from the first printing

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