Impact Of Technology On Our Lives Essays

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Ever wonder what our social life would be like without cell phones? Or maybe what it used to be like when there was no such device available? Technology plays a major role in affecting communication between individuals because of the various influences they have on us. Technology has brought about negative influences in our lives which cause awkward interactions and drastic effortless actions throughout individuals. Cell phones have evolved over years and are becoming more of a human computer for everyone. While many people are finding technology useful many are abandoning the advantage. These devices allow us to look up anything that we need to know causing the society to be less useful in gaining their own knowledge. However, integration of technology in every sphere of our life seems to be making us weaker both physically and intellectually, turning us into mere consuming robots than productive human beings. Most people are depending on cell phones and other technologies to obtain information instead of obtaining it themselves. Survey data from 180 university students suggest that the personality characteristic of conscientiousness had a negative effect on using information technology to commit plagiarism. Sources makes it known that people in schools, work places, etc. are often easily bribed by plagiarism which also is a disadvantage. Technology has allowed us to sit behind a screen and demean things we normally wouldn’t do in direct contact. Often with the use of…

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