Impact Of Technology On Non Renewable Energy Sources Essay

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Nowadays, one of the most active sectors in terms of research is the energy sector. In the following report, I will examine a technology available for licensing posted at the University of Oxford Innovation website. Briefly, this technology enhances the current biofuel production technologies to a great extent and it could be a great breakthrough that can end the dependence of the world on non-renewable energy sources. [8]
As a chemical engineering student, energy technologies are one of my main interests. Being one of the fields with the most available funds for research, I find it really surprising that the problem of the dependence on non-renewable/non-sustainable fossil fuel energy sources has not yet been tackled. Of course, there have been great breakthroughs and several renewable energy technologies have been commercialized over the past few decades (solar panels, biofuel processes, geothermal energy systems, wind turbines), but none of them has really been as effective as it was expected to be. A new technology that can be commercialized and provide renewable energy at high efficiencies will solve this problem and will eliminate all of the environmental and sustainability problems caused by the fossil fuel engines, as well as potential energy shortage in the future, since oil is consumed at extremely high rates and global oil supplies are limited. The energy technology of the future has not yet been discovered and this why I decided to examine this…

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