Impact Of Slavery On African Families

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How slavery affected African families in the America?

In this research paper, I am focusing on the slave families that were affected by the slave trade in Africa or America. I am looking at problems that occurred when slavery started from African to American. This is not simple trade, but this is trade between human to human. In this business, European peoples invested lots of money and make lots money. This slave trade effected lots African countries and destroyed their societies. They are separated from their families and friends that they never thought before. This is a time when powerful peoples started kidnaping villager and sell to the European merchants. Peoples destroyed their own country and build another country economic and living
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Black people owned by white owner, and have lower living condition to them. They were sold in America because ancient time in the U.S., there are many landowners and their needs cheaper labor. In America, black slave was separated from their family and sold to different owners for profit. In American history, African slaves doesn’t have a right and freedom same as white Americans. They are illiterate people’s who cannot understand better than white American, but they are brought into the U.S. to work in the plantation. The most slaves had to work from sunrise to sunset. They don 't have a good living and not enough food to eat. Their owners controlled their lives and they could think about the future. Black women were sexual raped by the white owners of their house. A white owner encouraged black women to give birth and makes more profit from their children. There were not legalized to marry black men and women. They don’t have to thought about live together and have own children. Their owners controlled them. Their owners would provide them with housing, building materials, Food, and clothing. Must of the time, their living quarters were built near to the plantation area. Each owner has their own policy and system to treat black slaves. Some plantation owners would provide the housing, but other cannot. African slaves house was built like an African culture where they have to make a hut with

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