Impact Of Globalization On Third World Countries Essay

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Globalization is greatly argued against, because of its effect on third world countries. A third world country is considered to be a country that has not undergone industrialization and has little to no economic growth and social improvements (Chapter 2 Power Point, Slide 15). Indonesia has become a pillar of economic growth and political excellence, but this is all at an expense of its poorer neighborhoods. As seen in the documentary “New Ruler of the World,” John Pilger visits labor camps that are infested with illness and disease. During interviews several of the employees would discuss how they were afraid to be disobedient at their workplace. This is also seen in another documentary called “Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death,” except when these workers disobeyed or were late on shipments they would suffer horrendous treatment. An example in the documentary compared the giant Druon Antigoon and a roman soldier named Brabo because they would cut off the hands of individuals who disobeyed King Leopold II. In order to better understand why globalization has such a horrendous effect on third world societies, Conflict Theory coined by Karl Marx will be viewed.

With these two different documentaries, there needs to be a complete understanding of core, periphery, and semi-periphery nations. Congo which is presented in the documentary about King Leopold II is considered a periphery nation or better known as a third world. Belgium which is a core nation or first world…

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