Impact Of Globalization On The United States Essay

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Globalization Impacts due to Immigration in Germany Since the 1980’s Germany has had the largest influx of immigrants compared to any other country in the world. The largest immigrant group in Germany is that of Muslim refugees (especially from Turkey). Most of them had fled from countries currently at war or ruled by tyrannical governments. This massive rise of immigrants has sparked a large anti-immigration movement from permanent residents in recent years. This is mostly due to cultural differences, social interaction, and the possibility of economic downfall. The radical differences between cultures have been a root cause of many conflicts throughout human history. With the hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring into Germany every year, there will obviously be different types of people competing for attention. One of the most significantly different cultures from that of regular Germans comes from the large influx of Islamic refugees, primarily Muslim Turks. With many Germans being Roman-Catholic or Protestant, there could easily be controversy with Muslim culture. Many conservative native Germans feel that their cultural social-structure that had taken centuries to develop is now being threatened. This disdain for Muslim immigrants is heavily centered on recent radical Islamic terrorism and Islamic government, as described by Doerschler, “They also fear the advent of a growing political Islam that calls for the end of western secular governments” (Doerschler,…

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