Impact Of Global Warming On Modern Day Society

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How Does Global Warming Affect Modern Day Society, and How Will It Affect the Future?
Global warming is a very important subject, and in recent years it has become very controversial. The rise in the globe’s average temperature has captured center stage at recent economic conventions as an unavoidable issue. World-renowned economists have been pushing the topic of the rising temperatures around the Earth, but have they exaggerated the subject? Global warming is a natural occurring event, but many scientists have expressed concern over the alarming increased rate of warmth. Is global warming an exaggerated climate change due to the fact we’ve never seen temperatures at this level? In many ways it can be excused by climate change, but we would
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With our society’s recent actions, it’s clear that we are heading towards a dramatically different Earth. Global warming affects every aspect of our world’s future. The increasing temperature of the Earth can bring about erratic atmospheric changes. Recent storms have become some of the most destructive forces ever recorded, and will only continue increase in severity. We can also observe melting ice caps in areas such as Antarctica and the Artic Circle. Ice caps such as these contain enormous amounts of water, and have the potential to raise sea levels by several feet. Coastal cities across the globe would be forced to alter communities and building developments due to the rising sea level; therefore, millions of people would be affected. In addition to increased sea levels, riverbanks could rise as well, expanding the potential for floods. The warming of the Earth would also increase the rate of evaporation, affecting the amount of freshwater readily available. This will lead to larger disputes over available freshwater in places it’s scarce. The environmental impacts due to an average global temperature increase have possible cataclysmic repercussions (Nature: Habitat Destruction and Global …show more content…
According to scientists, increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have the largest part to play in the warming. However, cars, planes, and trains still can be held to blame. Everyday, hundreds of millions of people go to work by one of those transportation options. The amount of emissions given off daily by machines adds up to be extremely harmful to the environment (Nature: Habitat Destruction and Global Warming). Our Earth currently supports 7.2 billion people, and continues to rise every second. Researchers estimate by 2100 the world population could reach 10.9 billion (World Population Trends Signal Dangers Ahead). With steadily rising populations, the need for more space and natural resources would drastically increase. Deforestation would begin occurring at a rate never seen before. Trees and plants are a natural solution to global warming, yet humans still continue to destroy them. The use of nonrenewable resources, such as petroleum and coal, would escalate exponentially. However, there are new sources of power and fuel currently being implemented across the United States. “Some international companies, such as the United Technology Corporation, have already made different types of fuel cells to run cars and home appliances” (Green Alert! Our Warming Planet). Wind and solar power are becoming popular alternatives to coal and oil due the fact that they’re renewable. By increasing the

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