Global Warming Research Paper

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Imagine living in a world that is lacking in resources and breathable air. The land around you is completely barren, and there are absolutely no signs of life. Cities that once were lively are now desolate and abandoned. If Earth keeps heading in the direction it is going, soon enough it will be deprived of all that is good in it. The planet is very slowly headed towards its demise due to global warming. Because of the damage done from greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, the government needs to create regulations to stop more contributions to global warming. With discussions of the history of this problem, opposing thoughts on the issue, and views that support the thesis, the reader should be able to come to a conclusion about the controversy. …show more content…
One of the first things that comes with climate change is weather differences, and that will be the first thing to affect the human race. By 2060, hurricanes will have wiped out most of the east coast of America. There will also be droughts, which will lead to several wildfires (“Here’s What Will Happen”). However, much more than just weather changes will impact the lives of people. Illnesses and other diseases also play a factor in the future of humans. For example, illnesses will increase in impoverished places like Africa (“Here’s What Will Happen”). In these types of countries, diseases like dengue fever and malaria will extremely increase. Chronic conditions like asthma would see an increase as well (Bradford). Along with diseases increasing, food production and other amounts of resources will start to decrease. By 2100, there will be a limited supply of drinking water (“Here’s What Will Happen”). Furthermore, agriculture is a big part of the food production industry, and consequently, it will take a turn for the worse (Bradford). By 2030, crops everywhere will start dying (“Here’s What Will Happen”) Accordingly, food will become less nutritious because all of the healthy food comes from fresh crops. Since there would be less food and other resources, food riots would arise. These food riots would cause political unrest and famine all around the world (Bradford). In order to prevent the demise of the human race, regulations on global warming need to be

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