Impact Of Corporate Governance On Business Performance

The impact of Corporate Governance on Firms ' Performance

First of all, what does corporate governance mean?. In 1992 the Cadbury Committee defined corporate governance in simple definition in its report, which stated: Corporate governance is the system used by companies to be able to directing and controlling the work. Despite the simplicity of the definition, but it helps to understand the real meaning of corporate governance and the role that play within firms to work with high efficiency and more effectively. So, the structures and operations that used to direct the business and administration, this is what the corporate governance focus on. Hence, it includes the relationship among the applied control system in the company and the roles of the board of directors manager, the owners whether they are shareholders or members and stakeholders. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and realise the importance of corporate governance and the extent of its effectiveness, as well as the realisation that full compliance with the laws does not necessarily mean that the company has adopted the application of sound corporate governance. It seems clear
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The second section will introduce the goals of the research, as well as the problem of searching through the questions. The third section will be about some of the theories that explained the impact of corporate governance on the performance of companies, in addition to the relationship between them and summarize some previous studies. The fourth section will describe the data collection and measurement of variables and regression. The fifth section will discuss the results of this study with the results of previous studies, which were presented in the third section. The last section will summarize the results and impact of corporate governance on corporate

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