The California Hospitals Case Study: Volunteers In Non-Profit Organizations

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Volunteers in Non-Profit Organization
Background on the California Hospitals Case Study According to Bai (2013) the study looks into the board sizes and their occupational back ground of their directors on board and how they influence social performance in a for-profit and non-profit hospital organization in California. The case study provides empirical evidence that quantitatively measured the social performances of the boards of for-profit and non-profit of California hospitals. The empirical evidence is proven through the Hypotheses for both for-profit and non-profit organizations and the measure of their social performance, that broken down in three hypotheses. The purpose of the study is to fill the gap in the study and bring some insight
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This is where physicians serve on the non-profit board of directors and do not receive any compensation. Theses physicians chose to serve on because they believe in the charitable mission and want to fulfill the mission by participating in all board activities. ““Hypotheses 2b the presence of government officials on the board is positiviely associated with social performance in non-profit organizations” (Bai, 2013, P.174). The whole purpose is physicians that serve as the board of directors put a lot of pressure on management to focus on more social …show more content…
It also brought out how government officials also play a key role on the board that can negatively and positively related to social performance in both for-profit and non-profit hospitals (Bai, 2013). The existences of the physicians on the board do show a positive effect on social performance in for-profit organization hospital, shows a rejected null hypothesis with the existence of social performance for a non-profit.
Volunteers in For-Profit Organization
Background on the ASSE Organization According to Camplin (2009), ASSE is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers to help fulfill their vision and goals through volunteer leaders and management roles in order to be successful and what it takes to be a good volunteer leaders and what leadership theory is used to help make the organization succeed.
Volunteer Leaders Mission
ASSE’s mission is to be “a global member-driven association” (Camplin, 2009, P. 36) that gives representation, promotion, and support in the profession for safety, health and environment in order to protect people property and the environment as well as the environment ASSE also pays professional staffs members that count on the volunteer to fulfill their mission

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