Conscription Vietnam War Analysis

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During the Vietnam War, conscription was prelevant within Australian society causing conflict society and challenging Australia’s stereotypical national identity. Conscription was a contributing factor to the Vietnam War moratoriums, as the lack of freedom and choice during this era, rallied large numbers of people against the Vietnam War. During the Cold War there were several stages of conscription for young men. It first started again in the 1960’s when in 1965 selective conscription was introduced to the army, for 20 year old men, they had to complete three years in the regular Army and two years part time in the Army Reserve. Selective conscription involved, “males having to register in January or July if their birthday fell in the …show more content…
It allowed Australia to create a new national identity that was not based on the masculinity and importance of war for men, rather it had grounds in a society that was able to initiate change. It did negatively cause significant change in a short period of time which did impact national identity as it has continued to morph and change and separate since this period. The development of the Vietnam War Moratoriums affected national identity through the aforementioned avenues initiating change on a global and local scale allowing for participatory democracy. This is evident through Whitlam’s actions after the war as he, ‘ended the military intervention of Australia in the War in Vietnam, announced a more independent stance for Australia in foreign affairs.” Manning Clark, a noted historian, highlights this change in Australia internationally on a global scale, developing a more patriotic national identity. This created new arenas for national identity to develop as Australia is not bound by a singular complex notion. Times of war allow society to develop and align with particular ideologies which can cause conflict and create a fractured national identity but can also instigate progress as evident in the Vietnam War

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