Impact Of Colonialism On African Countries Essay

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The idea of colonialism is to take resources from one country to use for the benefit of the colonizing country. There are several viewpoints about colonization and their impacts. Many believe there are numerous advantages of colonization within a country and several are against the infrastructures and hidden political agendas it brings about within the developed country.
It is quite evident that Africa was subject to Colonialism by the Europeans. Europeans extended their nation 's sovereignty over Africa and it’s people. They facilitated economic domination over their resources, labor, and markets. The impact of colonialism varied somewhat with each European power. The handful of European nations that dominated Africa as in Belgium, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain developed different sets of policies for their colonial possessions. The Europeans impacted the Africans social, political and economical systems. However the aftermath brought many negative and positive impacts. Numerous Africans were taken advantage of, destroyed their way of life and diluted their culture. Slavery tore families apart and Europeans forced Africans into labor. Africans didn’t get a chance to learn how to use their resources and the Europeans claimed their lands. With no land, the Africans weren’t able to farm nor sell to profit from the land. The Africans weren’t able to lead politically, because the Europeans were in control. After all, it forced the Africans the…

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