Essay On Christianity And Brokenness

Christianity 's Impact on Brokenness

The world is a broken place, literally. To be scientific, there has been research done hypothesizing that the earth 's atmosphere and the crust is cracking. Well, the word hypothesizing doesn 't really fit this statement because it is a fact. To including the whole earth, there is physical evidence that the earth has cracks and the atmosphere has cracks. However, the term cracks that is used in this statement should not be used to say that these cracks are humongous. In fact, to analyze the size of these cracks to the size of the earth, these cracks are very, very small. Furthermore, the ozone layer has 'cracks ' or the more used term is 'holes ' in its layer. However, do these cracks pose a problem for the existence of life on earth? The answer is no. To continue on, the world is a broken place, however instead of talking about the earth, let 's take a look at the world full of broken people, culture and government systems. The religion of Christianity has impacted our broken selves, culture and government by changing the thought, traditions and values of how we live. Christianity is a religion that fills the broken parts of our souls instead of depending the caverns. Christians are known for reaching out
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The best example for a Christian tradition is the celebration of Jesus ' birthday on December 25. It is known as Christmas. Christianity has impacted the culture through traditions by celebrating Christmas. The celebration has allowed people to have a break from school and work, to then focus on what is most important, Jesus. However, some family 's do not celebrate Christmas, but at least they enjoy the holiday season with their family. Christianity 's impact on the culture through tradition has helped many people become closer to their family and the possibility of becoming curious about this holiday that many people celebrated;

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