Immorality Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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In 1776 a nation seceded from the British and created an ideal for its citizen to strive for. The American Dream was a fallacy created to keep lower class people working hard and the upper class comfortable through the suffering of the poor. The holographic ideal of the American Dream continued to flourish through all of time and still today. In the pioneer days it convinced people in their comfy homes to uproot and move westward in the hopes of a better life, but all that was found was despair and sorrow. Today the American Dream urges us to work harder everyday, to never be home and spend time with our family, all in the hopes that we will not go bankrupt. But this is not life, this is years of empty promises that eventually dissolve into regret for the things we never accomplished. Even in the 1920s when the whole nation seemed to be in prosperity, there was a deeper, darker side to the affluent in which the most successful people were revealed as crooks and cheaters.
F. Scott Fitzgerald focuses mostly on the crooked side of the American Dream in his novel, The Great Gatsby, revealing the immorality of his stratum and generation. His
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Scott Fitzgerald suggests that the American Dream is not obtainable due to the infinite conflict between riches and morality which causes those with integrity to fail and those with amoral values to have empty success. In his book he shows the cheaters as triumphant and the scrupulous as failures. Even today the theme of a nonexistent American Dream survives. The working class works hard all year long to keep the high class up high while never getting the opportunity to move up in class. The holographic nature of this ideal still fools people today. All over the world families fall apart because the parents are too busy working for the better life to keep them together or even notice the damage. According to F. Scott Fitzgerald, the American Dream is dead, in fact, it never truly

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