Essay about Immigration

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Immigration has long been a factor that has helped shape the United States into a unique diverse culture. Over the years illegal immigrants have gained a negative connotation from American society that does not understand what drives illegal immigration. As human beings we are born with natural rights, however societies give the illusion that we are really free to go and do what we want. It is determinism that explains the internal and external forces of illegal immigration. Since the beginning of America's history immigrants have been an important staple in building this country. It has now grown to be a big melting pot of all types of cultures. For example, up North there is Italian influence, down south there are
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We cannot blame them for wanting to live in the U.S because of this intrinsic force that compels them to want to be a part of a thriving society. Often people who do not understand these forces are against illegal immigration, thus giving the term "illegal aliens" a negative connotation. Some members of American society try to find all the negative reasons to oppose immigration. They do not see it as a natural born right to be able to find a better place to live. They see it as an intrusion, a threat to societal norms. They believe they bring more crime, exhaust public services, add to dramatic population growth, and undermine national security (article 2). We know that immigration brings more cultural diversity, which is what makes American culture so unique, and they fill jobs that some Americans feel is beneath them. They do not suck off of American services, if anything they give back and work just as hard therefore stimulating the economy. In addition, most immigrants do not come into the U.S illegally they have work or school visas. Under the deterministic view the factors that drive them to want to immigrate are beyond their control, D'Holbach says action is the net result of the forces that are driving it. Therefore some Americans cannot throw negative assumptions to something they do not understand for fear it will break

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