Immigration Essay

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Immigration law should not be restricted America is not gold! Over a million immigrants come to the U.S each year (I.C.E 2007). The U.S has become an attractive zone for immigrants worldwide, and many people wonder why immigrants migrate to the U.S. People migrate to the U.S for different reasons; one of the main reasons why people migrate is family reunification (Deparle2). They don’t migrate because it has tall buildings and big cities, but because of problems back in their countries such as, lack of money, lack of freedom of religion, and because of unstable political condition. Subsequently, immigrants to the United States collaborate to the development of the nation in many ways. They do unwanted jobs and pay taxes. One …show more content…
Immigration to the United States started between the 17th and the 18th century. Immigrants to the U.S were different from different national groups, races and ethnicities. Many of these immigrants to the United States arrived as servants, they worked in farms and deed low jobs (Diner 2). The 19th century was the era with the first mass migration with about 15million immigrants coming to the U.S. In the 19th century, the America Midwest became the most fertile agriculture region through the labor of immigrants in the country. Historians estimated that less than 1million immigrants crossed the Atlantic during the 17th and the 18th century This era saw the first large scale arrival of Catholic immigrants and also during this a small number of Chinese men arrived to the U.S, and native-born Americans reacted intensely and negatively to their arrival, leading to the passage of the only piece of U.S immigration legislation that specifically named a group as the focus of restrictive policy, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.(Diner 2). In 1878, the nation first immigration law was passed. Congress passed the Emergency quota Act followed by the immigration Act of 1921 which was aim to restrict illegal immigrants which were entering the U.S in large numbers. However, in 1965 the Immigration and National Act Amendment ( Hart-Caller Act) was passed to abolish the system immigration policy. The number of

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