Essay about Immigration : The United States

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Immigration, a subject that has been relevant in American history since the Mayflower ported in Plymouth. In recent times immigration services have become stricter in our country due to politicians and economic difficulties. When immigrants arrive into the United States, a whole process is done to make sure that they are suitable to stay in our country and live among us fellow Americans. What nobody seems to take interest in are the actual difficulties of immigrating into the United States. Thousands of families get torn apart for the sake of one or two of their relatives to cross the border or sail overseas into our territory. Not to mention what conflicts await a new immigrant like education, finances, and assimilation in a foreign country. All of these new societal changes can lead to corruption within an immigrant’s life, if they do not immigrate with their family by their side. Therefore, immigrating into the United States without your family makes adapting to the foreign society more difficult. Family ties plays a key role in the immigration process, since it provides a backbone for the new immigrant to rely on when they need assistance. In the interview with Mrs. Mascioli particularly, she always had close relations with her relatives from her home country. Mrs. Mascioli is originally from Uruguay, and she immigrated to the United States alone at the age of twenty-five. Mrs. Mascioli faced several hardships back in Uruguay such as economic stability, government…

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