Immigration : The Foundation Of The United States Essay

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Immigration: The foundation of the United States Immigration has been around since the very beginning, and is a subject that will always be up for debate until the end of time. Whether it be the controversy nowadays with accepting refugees in large numbers, or the threat people felt in the late 19th and early 20th century concerning immigration, it will always be a topic worth of discussion. Beginning in the 1870’s, “America Fever” opened the gates to the urbanization of America, as well as the constant flow of immigration that would carry on throughout the following centuries. Also, new job opportunities, such as those created from the railroads as well as other progressing industries, was another aspect that drew immigrants to the United States. However, there were oppositions to immigration, which caused the formation of new organizations in the 1900’s. People are also becoming more curious about immigration and want to know more about it. Immigration has had a huge impact on the United States, and we would not be where we are today without it. According to American Horizons Volume II, immigration played the biggest role in the urbanization of the United States. The “America Fever” event that happened from the 1870’s-1900, played a huge role in promoting immigration to America. In this time alone, an estimate 11 million people immigrated to the United States for various reasons, for example, political unrest, ethnic conflict, or religious persecution. This phenomenon…

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