Immigration Policy Of The United States Essay

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Immigration is a Federal Issue
Immigration is a very perplexed issue that can only be addressed appropriately by the federal government. Article I Section 8 of the Constitution clearly states that the federal government was given the power to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” (We the People A11) Immigration legislation requires a substantial amount of funds, a vast personnel and most importantly time. Clearly the states want to find a resolution to this enormous problem, but allowing the states to “experiment with immigration policies” is too risky (Jacoby). Immigration reform is urgent, many families have to deal with the deportation and separation of loved ones and being returned to countries that poverty stricken and violent. The United States is a powerful and diverse country; its federal government is more than capable of formulating a resolution to its current immigration dilemma.
Although the states are desperate to form their own immigration legislation the framers of the Constitution left it very clear that the federal government is responsible or implementing a reform. Journalist Elizabeth Wydra explains “the architects of our Constitution… made it clear that the federal government has the exclusive power to regulate immigration” (Wydra). Since the beginning, the United States has become the residence to many immigrants, commencing with Protestant Europeans and currently from all over the world. The framers of the Constitution knew immigration would…

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