Essay on Immigration Issue Of The United States

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I personally connected to this discussion because of my experiences as an immigrant in the United States. You proposed the question of if immigration issue is about culture, legality or numbers and majority if not everyone in the class stated it was culture. I actually disagree with this answer. When many people argue why they desire stricter immigrations laws, they make claims such as immigrants are taking jobs, they are increasing the population significantly, and they are harming American economy. Most of these claims relate back to the idea that immigration issue is primarily about numbers and less about culture. The economy is always the main focus when

The closing discussion you made concerning the use of hyphenated-Americans such as “Asian-American” or “Italian-American” particularly caught my attention and sparked my interest. I initially disagreed with the argument you made that the usage of hyphenated-Americans increase diversity but has further implications and threatens the shared value and sense of community in the United States. During the dialogue, I believed the use of the hyphenated Americans symbolized the unity of two cultures, specifically, American’s culture and the immigrants’ culture. The hyphen implies the intertwining of the two nations creating the idea of the “Melting Pot” of the United States. It was not until leaving the classroom that I began to ponder what it truly means to use and adapt the hyphenated-American. Upon consideration, I…

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