Immigration Issue Of Illegal Immigration Essay

2274 Words Oct 28th, 2016 10 Pages
Immigration, the topic that is of the upmost importance issue in the United States is an issue that people have vastly, different opinions on. Some people don’t necessarily the United States has an illegal immigration problem, while there are other people who do think illegal immigration is an issue. If there is an issue of illegal immigration, what is the level of severity in the impacts to the United States? With all of this said, the purpose of this assignment is to write about a particular policy issue, with immigration being mine. This paper is going to be split up into five different sections. The first section is going to focus on the current immigration policies in the United States. After that, a few different policy proposals to help improve immigration policy will be discussed along with the benefits that the policy proposals bring. Then the demographic of immigrants in the United States will be analyzed followed by economic and social implications, such as crime issues they bring to the United States. Lastly, the paper is going to wrap up with a conclusion paragraph. The United States immigration system is very complex. The Immigration and Naturalization ACT is the main body of law that governs current immigration policy in the United States. For the purpose of this paper, I am going to briefly discuss the deportation procedures that the United States currently abides by. First off, the main agency that deals with illegal immigration is Immigrations Customs…

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