Immigration Is The Land Of The Free And Home Essay

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Immigration is and has been a huge controversial topic for a very long time amongst Americans. I picked this chapter because I learned a lot through it, and it made me more open minded about things. Before I read this chapter, I did not really think or have an opinion about immigrants. However, the topic about immigrants has came up a lot during this recent presidential election, which I gave all my attention to. Immigration was one of the main topics during the debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I tended to copy my mom’s or dad’s opinion about immigrants because I had not formed my own idea or opinion about them. I truly had no idea what immigrants were going through or what an immigrant even was. Learning about this chapter has taught me why immigrants come to America in the first place and the problems they are currently facing.
The United States of America is the land of the free and home of the brave. We get our rights that are documented in The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The Constitution was written in 1787; however, The Bill of Rights was later added into The Constitution in 1791. We have various rights including the following: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, right to assembly, and right to petition. Of course we have a lot more that I did not list, but if I were to list them all, I would be writing for days. I truly think that a lot of Americans do not realize how lucky they really are. We have so many rights,…

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