Essay on Immigration Is The Act Of Coming Into A Foreign Country

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Immigration is the act of coming into a foreign country to live. People may leave their home country for many reasons such as war, religious persecution or the main reason is forever been an economic opportunity. People from all over the world have always migrated to the United States. It is a land of the free Not all immigrants stay in the land they come to some return home shortly most immigrants find a job and send it back to their family back in their home country. The United States have long been the world 's main nation refugees and immigrants go to. In the 1840s about one and a half million, Irish immigrants came due to famine in 1950 to 2000 about 6 million Mexicans came to the united states due to low wages and unemployment. Every day the government tries to make it harder for those people to come into this country without going through books of paperwork and thousands of dollars to work here for a few months out of one year and that is if you are a lucky one that gets picked out of the pool of people trying to do the same thing. This drove people to cross the country because a starving family can not wait for the correct documentation to come to The United States for a job that nobody here wants to do and there is a great supply for that job. Illegal Immigration causes difficulties for families because they are forced to sneak into a country instead of getting correct documentation. Because families are not receiving proper documentation they are forced with…

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