Immigration Is Not Good For Migrants Essay

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Enrique’s Journey Responses
Required Question: I believe that immigration is not good for migrants themselves, as there are many more negatives that they have to endure than positives. To get to the United States, migrants have to travel through extremely dangerous territory. Immigrants have the possibility of being kidnapped or being killed due to the drug violence. They can also be abducted from the tops of trains, robbed, or even murdered. Once immigrants finally get into the United States, they are treated extremely poorly. They must deal with racism and lower pay compared to their coworkers. However, possibly the biggest downside is the damage that is caused by the separation of children and their parents for many years. Children can become angry at their mothers for not returning, and fulfilling their promises. They also leave their grandparents who had cared for them, and might never see them again. Mothers then demand respect for their sacrifice that they made for their children, and believe that they are ungrateful for what she provided for them. Children who do not find love with their parents may try to find love elsewhere, possibly getting pregnant or joining a gang. The only positives include having more freedom, and the possibility of a decent living. However, these do not compare to the tremendous amount of negatives that immigration provides. Immigration can both hurt and help the country that they are leaving from. Positives include the slower rise of…

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