Immersion In My Family

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Immersion Paper

Riyah is a freshman at NCC studying computer science. She is twenty-one years old and was born in India. During our interview she was eager to share with me her reason for residing in America, which was solely on account of her parents.

In India, the most common family structure is the extended family. The family structure in India is typical, in which everyone must conform to the many wedding customs and traditions. Some influences of the family structures are: Religion, tradition, caste, and regional dissimilarities. In addition, each member is assigned a role. Their roles are primarily dominated by age and gender. Children are deemed precious and viewed as beautiful gifts from God. Indian families are very loving and affectionate toward each other.
Although Riyah and her family are not in India now, their household adhere to these same customs and traditions.

India is very diverse as it relates to religion. The names of some of the popular religions are: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. However, most natives are Hindu. Very often my family and I attend temple here eventhough the
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She told me that she endured many maternity complications with me and therefore my father told her to go back to India along with my eldest sister. He wanted her parents to take care of her because he was overwhelmed at work. As soon as my mom went back to India, all of her ailments as it realtes to the the pregnancy had stopped. When she told me this story I told her that I believed that she was just home sick. When I was born my father was not present, he was still consumed with job back in the United States, in addion to that, sustaining the family and the bills became a predicament. My mother then decided after a week of giving birth that she would go back to the United States to work and assist with the bills. She left me in India with my grandmother and my eldest sister returned with

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