Essay on Images And Images Of Stained Glass Windows

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Stained glass windows are colored glass crafted and arranged to form patterns or pictures and often have painted details and a yellow stain. Stained glass windows are a traditional form of painting that began over 1000 years ago and are essentially made the same way today. The earliest form of stained glass windows originate in Europe, 6th century, and have adorned churches for hundreds of years being used to aid in devotion and to instruct (O 'Doherty, 2010). They are especially associated with the Catholic Church, and are traditional form of spiritual expression to this faith as they are found decorating the majority of their churches and cathedrals holding religious images. However, even though they have evolved greatly, stained glass windows are still used to illustrate and portray the intangible form of the teachings of God and the Catholic Church. There are many religious symbols and figures illustrated in stained glass windows and these symbols are illustrated in different colours to represent different things, many commonly used colours include; blue, red, green and yellow and occasionally darker colours including black, brown and grey. They were also traditionally used to teach the Catholic Religion to those who could not read. Stained glass is used to remind us that there is something beautiful beyond the world we live in, as the colours lighten the church. Stained glass windows are beautiful, as is God, and the making of stained glass windows is…

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