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M5.27 Making a Professional Presentation

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• Be able to plan a professional presentation o Aims and objectives of the presentation are identified o The intended audience for the presentation is identified and their level of understanding of the presentation topic is assessed o Information of the presentation topic of researched, evaluated and selected o The content and structure of the presentation is planned o Visual aids and other materials required for the presentation are prepared o The location and any equipment for the presentation is prepared
• Be able to deliver a professional presentation o Your Subject matter is presented at an appropriate level of understanding for the audience and is supported
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I did it this way so to have a balanced approach and that it would fit with an audience with differing knowledge on the subject.
I used a number of methods to research my topic, these primarily where the internet and handouts from previous ILM training days. I found the ILM notes of particular use as they were short and to the point, where as the internet was just a plethora of information and I found it difficult to find a starting point and I found myself jumping from one site to another reading a variant of the same thing. I believe my time researching on the internet was probably miss spent.
I planned out the structure and content of my presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint and a storey board paper based version as I found it easier to visualise it. Using this technique I was then able to add narrative to my presentation and work out the times. I found initially that I may struggle to fill the 20 minutes presentation but planning it out I found I may have too much content. Once I had my slides and narrative I then set about practicing the delivery and make amendments to the content where appropriate.
To aid the effectiveness of my presentation I prepared a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow. The slideshow would include key words, terms, definitions and diagrams to reaffirm what I was presenting. For example when I was discussing a flat organisational structure a diagram of a flat structure would be visible. I also provided

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