Illegal Immigration Essay

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Illegal immigration is a source of increasing concern for officials in the United States. In the previous ten years, the U.S. population of illegal immigrants has increased from 5 million to almost 12 million, instigating angry charges that the country has lost control over its borders.
One of the clearest signs the United States has lost control of its border is the ease with which thousands of drugs and millions of illegal are crossing the U.S. border on an annual basis.
The republicans backed the ruling because it revised the quota system of the National Origins Act of 1924 and initiated a system of selected immigration by giving a quota preference to skilled foreigners whose services were wanted in the United States, and to relatives of U.S. citizens and aliens. It also summarized procedures for changing the status of nonimmigrant to permanent resident aliens, added considerably to
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In addition, the free movement of labor in a worldwide economy pays off for the United States, because immigrants bring skills and capital that grow our economy and offset immigration’s costs; immigration pays for itself.
Many Americans say it is the US who created the conditions that causes illegal immigration. From deposing left wing governments during the Cold War, to financing military forces that slaughtered civilians, to pushing economic plans that put Mexican farmers out of work by the millions resulted in mass migration from Latin America.
Although most illegal immigrants come to America for better jobs and this may add value to the economy but also weakens the national & security environment. Even though they do not pose a direct security threat, millions of undocumented immigrants creates a cover for criminals and terrorist by distorting the law and distracting

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