Illegal Gambling : The Gambling Of The World Essay

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Known as the gambling capital of the world, it 's no surprise that Las Vegas is infested with issues that come with such a title. Las Vegas thrives on attracting tourists to come over for the weekend and spend all their hard-earned money at the slot machines and poker tables conveniently placed around everywhere around the Strip. Gambling is not just monopolized on the Strip, though; it can be found all throughout the city. Locals are greeted with the oh so familiar sound of a slot machine being played upon entering a grocery or convenience store. Gambling had been so normalized in Las Vegas that locals no longer bat an eye when stumbling into a gambling lounge in a building that usually wouldn 't warrant it. Gambling has become so normalized that locals no longer see it as a problem as it is a great source of income for the city, but gambling addictions go hand in hand with Las Vegas and what people may not realize is that Las Vegas also goes hand in hand with suicide. There are many reasons a person may commit suicide in this city, but the most common cause of suicide in Las Vegas is due to gambling related issues. According to an article from Business Insider titled The 15 Most Suicidal Cities in America, Las Vegas is the city with the highest suicide rates in the nation and scores well over the national rate. In understanding how gambling addictions contribute to those high suicide rates by it being such a normalized thing in the city, and how likely being raised in such…

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