Ignored In Classroom

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Ignored and Unheard
Education plays a major role in the way that each individual 's life unfolds. Several factors affect the type and quality of education that one gets. It is a choice for every soul as to whether not they get an excellent education. One major situation that affects the way people learn is having the opposite sex in the same learning environment. Males overspeak females and feel it necessary to overpower the females, causing a constant fight to see who can outsmart the other. Although there is a high rate of competition in classrooms, single sex institutions have a smaller number, meaning that these institutions have a legitimate place in the educational aspect. Co-educational classrooms are constantly leading to more and
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Because males speak more than females, the girls are often scared to express what they think about issues. This problem carries over to the classroom for young females, high school and college. In studies done in high school classrooms, Teachers are not aware that they are favoring the males. To help educators see this, many teachers videotape their lessons. For example David Sadker, author of the book Gender Equity:Still Knocking at The Classroom Door, showed teachers a video that was taken in the classroom. The teachers unexpectedly said that the females were speaking more, but in reality the males were out speaking the females 3:1. Even in a college environment female students that would be the smartest people in the classroom, would not speak up and say what they were thinking in a co-educational place (Sternglanz & Lyberger-Ficek, 3). One main reason for this is because any speech from a woman is often seen as too much speech at all. Another thing that contributes to the factor of women not speaking would be the social requirement for them to be good listeners. The participation of women is more importantly known as them listening, verbal participation is less necessary. Though it is more common for a female to listen and not speak it is also known that females may not speak, yet they have been taught to give silent applause (Bernard 3). …show more content…
Following each description, subjects indicated their interest both in the job and estimated how difficult the job would be to get for categories of people varying by race, ethnicity, sex, age and handicap. Results showed that the generic use of the masculine pronoun significantly reduced the undergraduates’ estimates of a woman getting the job.
Children that are between the ages of six, eight, and eleven all include pictures more of females when neutral nouns were used. When examining eight-year-olds to human activities described in either neutral or masculine generic terms. When they were asked to choose a picture to represent a given activity, it was noticed that the masculine generic eluted exclusively male pictures. Female students have a harder time in class than males do because there are different levels of assistance given, and the types of attention given. In a study done by Perdue and Connor did an experiment that showed that when children are younger it is beneficial to have physical interactions with the kids, to make them feel secure. The things that help children are to be touched on the shoulder or in elementary school they also benefit from having their hand held while they learn to write. The results show

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