`` If Looks Could Kill `` By Wendy Kaminer Essay

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When it comes down to security, who can the people trust? Surveillance cameras are a popular type of security that can be effective, however, it can also be ineffective. In her article, “Trading Liberty for Illusions”, published in Free Inquiry, Spring, 2002, Wendy Kaminer, a lawyer, argues that Americans are extremely frightened from the government, which makes it impossible for the them to question the false security that is being traded with their freedom. On the other hand, an article called, “If Looks Could Kill”, published in The Economist magazine in September 2010, The Economist author claims that surveillance systems are being enhanced, however, will not be perfected. These articles can be compared in terms of credibility, but these two authors can also be differed in terms of the tone used and whether or not surveillance cameras are improving.
First of all, without credibility, how will people trust the information that is being handed to them? Both articles use resources to provide statements regarding the topic. Kaminer included historical events that proved that security was being implemented ineffectively. Kaminer says that the presidents have been a part of the “worst offenders” (Kaminer, pg.397, 2002). This illustrates the fact that Kaminer believes that the presidents of the U.S made bad decisions when it comes to security. At that point, Kaminer lists the presidents and their actions. Kaminer announces the fact that John Adams encouraged the Alien and…

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