Essay on If God Is Good, Why Evil?

1545 Words Aug 30th, 2016 null Page
If God is good, why evil? If God is all-good (omnibenevolent), all-powerful (omnipotent), and all-knowing (omniscient), why does evil occur? These are the questions most suffering people ask concerning God. Most of the time, we blame God for our pain, sorrow, grief, and distress that happen to us. The question that come in our mind is why me?

Last Wednesday, I was on call. When the nurse called me, she informed me about a woman who was lying on the hospital bed while her daughter is being diagnosed for cancer in another hospital. It was a devastated situation for her. She was very helpless because she could not do anything for her. Look at this mother who could not work after having a stroke, she could not walk anymore. She had been is this state since two years. When I come to see her, I was without word. I was even at choc. In that situation the question that might come into her mind where is God? Why did this situation happen to me? Does God really exist? She had reason to ask this question but instead she relied on God for healing. I felt very happy that her mind did not slip out from God. I tried to bombard her with questions? However, she was not willing to answer to these questions. What she really needed in that moment is someone who can sympathize or empathize. It looked like in her mind that God had abandoned her and her family. I was glad that she did not put me out in the room. At the end I showed her that God is also suffering with her…

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