Social Policymaking Process

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Social Policy The process of policymaking is completed in steps. The steps include identifying the problem, and formulation of a plan, legitimizing the plan and then implementing and evaluation the policy. These steps may be completed alone, or in combination with the others. The total process will vary in time depending on the nature of the policy and the research involved and the cost of implementation. There are many components that work together to, complete the process, such as, committees, subcommittees, and task force. There are over 1,500 representatives of corporations, organizations and communities that volunteer input. The members of these groups offer vital information, and ensure that the process is democratic
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The peoples voice does matter and is presented in a variety of ways, through public speaking, media, partitions, are a few ways the peoples voice is heard. This step includes the executive order, budgets, laws, and rules and regulations and other factors that would affect the policy if it were put into place. (Wikland, 2014)
Implementing Public Policy Policy implantation occurs when the law has passed. This is a crucial point in the process, many times the law is passed and sits dormant, while other laws are put into place right away by a number of agencies. The agencies who do not approve of the new laws, will continue to fight to change the law to benefit their agenda. The newly passed law my effect government differently at different levels, for example, the law may not affect the state level as much as it affects the federal level. When the new policy is passed, it will also be determined which public agency will be responsible to carry out the policy. Funding will also be allocated to those agencies to make changes with in to comply with the new law. The agency may use the funds on training to enforce the law or any specialized equipment needed to enforce the
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This last were put into place to protect children. The public seen the need for these laws after the brutal murder of Adam Walsh and Amber Hagerman. The parents and the community came together to raise awareness for a policy to help protect children. Government Funding for Social Policy The funding for laws comes from a combination of areas. Funding can come in the form of local, state and government taxes. Private companies will also contribute funds, along with specialty groups. Grants, and other federal funds are also allocated through budgets. The government has budget committees that and a joint Congressional Budget office that over see’s the budget for government spending.

Conclusion The process of social policy is not a quick process by any means and take a number or organizations to get the process started and finished. The government has policies in place to maintain fairness of each step, so that policies can be made without bias to any particular group. Once the policy has passed and become a law, there is still much work to be done in the implication process. The process is well worth the time and money, social laws protect the

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