Argumentative Essay: Identity Vs. Role Confusion

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The fifth stage is centered around identity vs. role confusion. In this stage on struggles with resolving identity and direction and becoming a grown up. I asked questions about my relationships with other people because the people you are surrounded with can have a strong influence on your identity. When I asked if I fit in with people and/or my friend group, she said, “Our school was very cliquey so you fit in with our friend group but not necessarily with everyone”. This connects with the next question I ask her about how different people perceived me because it shows that I wasn’t close with most people even though I was friendly. I asked about other people’s thoughts on me because some people view themselves from a mixture of other …show more content…
As you became more comfortable in your own self your personality started to shine”. Similarly when I asked if I changed over the years, she answered, “Yes. You became more confident. You really like put yourself out there more. Expressed more of your opinions. You were less quiet”. Both of these answers show that I growing sense of sense that’s getting stronger. Being able to find my place like she said shows that I had an sense of identity since “Role Confusion is the negative perspective - an absence of identity - meaning that the person cannot see clearly or at all who they are and how they can relate positively with their environment” (Chapman). I asked her if I changed my mind a lot about things/ideas to see because if I did that would show a lack of a strong identity. Constant change of plans can show I’m unsure of who I am because it would show a lack of real goals and purpose. When asked if I changed my mind about things/ideas a lot, she said, “You didn’t really change it a lot. It was average”. This shows that I knew who I was but was also open minded. Another example of me having a sense of my sense of self is that I had goals and was faithful. Sandra said, “[Your goals were to] not die. But more seriously you always told me how you wanted to be a

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