Identity Of A Woman With African Roots Essay

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Beneatha’s struggle to find her true sense of self is established in her troubled fixation with proving that she is not assimilating into the predominant white culture of America, and is in fact rooted in her conceived identity of a woman with African roots. This perfectly exemplifies Beneatha’s identity crisis: instead of forming an identity of her own, she’d rather prove she is not assimilating to one culture, and instead places her definition of self into an entirely different one. In “A Raisin in the Sun”, Beneatha’s search for her identity is used as the play’s vehicle to explore the theme of the challenges of finding one’s identity and culture, while trying to overcome the pressures to assimilate into the dominant culture of the society you are from.
We are first out rightly introduced to Beneatha 's personal struggle of overcoming assimilation, when Asagai present the argument of whether or not Beneatha is assimilating to white culture. The discussion begins innocently, when Asagai refers to Beneatha 's hair as "mutilated hair (1.2.61)." Beneatha suddenly responds with, "My hair-what 's wrong with my hair?" Asagai leads Beneatha further into a discussion of Beneatha natural hair, asking her what her natural hair looks and feels like. Beneatha self consciously responds that her hair is "crinkly", "hard to manage when it ', well-raw", and that of course her present hair is not the one she was born with (1.2.62)." Asagai further mocks her, asking her if she…

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