Identity In Thomas Aldrich's Poem 'Identity'

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Aldrich, Thomas Bailey. “Identity.”, PoemHunter, Loss of identity is shown in a unique way in this poem by Thomas Aldrich. His poem entitled "Identity" briefly describes his interpretation of identity after death. An extreme loss for the deceased. The subject of spirituality and its connection to identity is difficult to communicate in writing but as a poet, Aldrich produces profound ideas that are open for interpretation to readers. The theme of identity is effectively communicated through euphemisms and intelligent descriptions.
Allen, Phyllis. “Leaving Identity Issues to Other Folks.” This I Believe, NPR, 11 July 2005, Phyllis Allen outlines
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Published semi-annually with pieces from independent writers and artists, TickleAce gives trusted recognition to those included. Jennifer Coulter uses mainly symbolism to write “Bennie and the Jets” about a young-adult male struggling with identity throughout different points in his teenage years. The very beginning of this short story turns its focus to Benny on the street, using the Victorian house, crumbling bread, and moths as symbols for being emotionally closed off and protected, and death. The meaning of these symbols may be well interpreted by young adult males because a big chunk of literary work about identity is directed towards the female population, creating a feeling of exclusiveness. This short story is specifically relevant to males, giving them a story about identity to relate …show more content…
“Being Content with Myself.” This I Believe, NPR, 7 May 2007, Kamaal Majeed gives off relatability in his personal essay
"Being Content With Myself". As a high school student, he gives an amazing perspective on the need to fit in and on fighting that need. Many high school aged students can find an element to this essay that they can connect with. Majeed gives readers insight into why one should be content with oneself. His take on being disliked because he chooses to be himself and not conform to what other want is something many people can learn and grow from. It takes strength to be himself when nobody wants him to be, making him trustworthy enough for readers to be able to do the same as him.
Sheridan, Kayla. “Identity.” Teen Ink, Teen Ink, Kayla Sheridan discusses how she feels she's lost her identity in her teen essay, "Identity". After she decides to end something she's done her whole life, apart of her is gone. Kayla experienced first

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