Identifying The Strengths And Weaknesses From The Letter Name Stage Of The Phonics Continuum

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Steven (pseudonym) is a first grader at Dog Branch Elementary School (DBES) in Dundalk, MD. Steven entered Dog Branch E.S. in April of his Kindergarten year from the Baltimore City Public School system. In first grade, Steven is in a general education classroom and receives small group instruction for both reading and math. I completed and analyzed five different assessments to identify Steven’s strengths and weaknesses.
Letter Name Word Study Assessment
The purpose of this assessment is to identify student’s specific strengths and weaknesses in the Letter Name Stage of the Phonics Continuum. The five categories examined in this test are initial/ final consonants, initial diagraphs and blends, short vowels, affricates and final consonant blends and diagraphs. During this assessment, students are asked to spell and write the words that are said by the assessor. The assessor says the word, uses the word in a sentence and then repeats the word; this process can be repeated twice per word. The total number of points possible on this assessment is 25 points. When a student spells five words incorrectly the assessment is concluded. In reviewing a student’s answers on this assessment the educator can understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses and learn when they should start instruction for the individual student assessed.
Quantitative Data
1/10 words were written correctly out of the first two parts of the Letter Name Assessment.
Qualitative Data
The first section of…

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