Identifying The Problem With Eating Disorders Essay

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D. Oyedele 1

Identifying The Problem
An eating disorder is any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits. Eating disorders are serious conditions related to persistent eating behaviors that negatively impact your health, your emotions and your ability to function in important areas of life. (Mayo Clinic Staff.
2015). Types of eating disorders are: Atypical Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa,
Binge-Eating Disorder (BED), Purging Disorder, and Night Eating Syndrome. Eating disorders can happen in both men and women but occur more often in women than men, especially in pre-teens to adolescent girls. According to a 2002 survey, 1.5% of
Canadian women aged 15–24 years had an eating disorder. (Government of Canada. 2006). Symptoms of eating disorders can range from hating the way you look in the mirror all the time to eating secretly by yourself. The problem with eating disorders is that it affects people (especially young teens) social groups, health, and education.There have been many ideas to come up with a solution to stop eating disorders like going to therapy. Having school programs on eating disorders and solutions like that.
The Thesis
The best solution to help people with eating disorders is starting with the parents. They are the people who are closest to them and can guide them. The parents can get more involved in their children’s lives and give them motivation they need.…

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