Idea Of Being A Hero In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451

Throughout the book Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury creates a character named Guy Montag, who contradicts the idea of being a hero. Despite his flaws, and his selfish ways, however he always strives towards what is right. During this time, technology is taking over the peoples innocent minds and the way they think of the world. Courageous Montag, wants to bring back the idea of reading books even though that it is illegal. Creating a social controversy on everyday lives.
Montag was just an average person going throughout the normal life of the future. Living off of mostly technology throughout his ages. The normal job for men was being a firefighter. But instead of putting out fires, they would start them. They mostly burned
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Its purpose is to hunt down those who don’t conform to society. These people are called “The Book People”, they ran away into the unknown. Trying to find somewhere else to find civilization and to start a different life. Montag before this, meets an old retired english professor that wants to teach Montag more about his curiosities. When Montag gets into trouble he runs over Faber 's house to find help after all of this happens. Faber gives Montag his old clothes, and tells him to follow the abandoned railroad tracks to find the renegades. Montag washes everything in Faber 's house so that the mechanical hound doesn’t find his scent there. “The numbness will go away, he thought. It 'll take time, but I 'll do it, or Faber will do it for me. Someone somewhere will give me back the old face and the old hands the way they were. Even the smile, he thought, the old burnt-in smile, that 's gone. I 'm lost without it.” (Bradbury 106). Montag finds the renegades after going down a river and following a lot of random tracks, with a leader named Granger. He welcomes Montag into the group and everyone of those people have memorized certain kinds of literature. Granger explains that by keeping the books safe, keeps the people safe because they are a part of the books. Montag was told to read the book of Ecclesiastes. During this, there was a war that was declared against the people. Jets hit the city with bombs, so the runaways try to go look for people and to build a new

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