Essay on Ibm : A Strong Base

1742 Words Mar 8th, 2016 7 Pages
The number of the competitors has been increased in the market. Some of them include Apple, IBM, Samsung, and many others. Even in the past, there were a number of competitors that presented challenges for the organization. Dealing with them or even matching with their products always requires the deep understanding of the features their brands. This issue is still prevalent, and there are chances that it would increase in number and intensity. The major competitor that it has to confront is IBM. Both of them are considered to be the rival in their respect industry. In China, Lenovo has a strong base, but in the other countries or in more proper words in the whole of the world, IBM has its strong base. People consider their qualities to be of paramount importance and the competitor that is offering more values will get more revenue with the increment in the sales, and the one that offer lesser will have to ponder over its survival. As in the words of the Chief Marketing Officer, these are the products and the services that we ought to deliver.
The challenge of the new products, like Thinkpad and others, although enhanced the value of the business. It happened so because the notebooks and the laptops being produced by the company were either equal in quality than the competitors or they were lower. The people are always in search of the values and the qualities for this they are even ready to spend money and other resources. There is a dire need to produce other products like…

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